Ecco Domani PinoT Grigio | Italy
Apple and pineapple aromas and flavors.
The wine is light bodied, with a pleasantly soft palate and a long finish. 
6.50 Glass | 21.00 Carafe

William Hill Chardonnay | Central CA
Aromas and flavors of ripe tree fruit and spice, with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. Crisp acidity. 
8.00 Glass | 28.00 Carafe

Alamos Malbec | Argentina
Medium bodied, aromas of cherries and plums, accompanied by notes of toasted barrels and sweet spices. 
7.00 Glass | 26.00 Carafe

Terrazas Cabernet Sauvignon | Argentina
Intense red fruits, combined with smooth notes of thyme and black pepper. Toasty notes and caramel add complexity. 
8.00 Glass | 28.00 Carafe

Mon-Sun: 3:00 - 6:00 pm

3:00-5:00 Pm (midtown location)

8:00 - 9:00 pm (midtown location)

Sangria 3.00 

House Margarita 2 for 1 

House Mojito 2 for 1 (Midtown location)

Bottled Beer 3.00

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(drink menu varies by location)

Golden Margarita
Grand Manier and choice of tequila

House Margarita
Lime or strawberry, frozen or on the rocks

Fruity Margarita
Blood orange, strawberry, mango, passion fruit

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